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Managing project scope before, during and post–delivery.

Working closely with Developers, DevOps EngineersSystem EngineersAccount Managers and Product Managers.


Determining requirements and providing project estimates and timelines.


Overseeing deployments and new releases.


Reviewing code.


Identifying and removing bottlenecks that impede the progress of projects.


Providing leadership, support and motivation to technical team members.


Ensuring project stays within budget and identifying scope creep.


Solving issues and developing workarounds and alternative solutions.


Ensuring the regular delivery of projects and products in accordance with Agile methodologies.


Hiring and training technical personnel


Delegating work and assignments to team members


Collaborating with their team to identify and fix technical problems


Analyzing users' needs and then finding applications to serve them


Creating end goals for their team


Checking that software and applications are updated


Supervising system modifications


Conducting security audits to identify areas of improvement


Guiding their team through technical issues and challenges


During your educational and professional experience, work on developing your skillset for this job.

Here are some skills that can help you become a more qualified technical lead:

A technical lead needs to have strong technical abilities, such as programming and working with mobile or website systems, security principles and shell script. Learn as much as you can about software development and computer engineering. By establishing these skills, you can become better at troubleshooting and fixing technical problems.


You should also have impressive leadership skills to motivate and guide your team members. As a technical lead, it is your job to ensure everyone remains productive and gets projects done on time.


Much of your job as a technical lead is offering support and guidance to your team, so it's important to be able to give clear instructions and set expectations. With effective written and verbal communication, you can ensure that your team understands their responsibilities.


Employers want a technical lead who can manage many projects at once while still meeting deadlines and presenting innovative products. Focus on improving your decision-making and organizational abilities to help you effectively manage your workload.



Code Quality Assurance

Provide Architectural and Design direction

Control Technical Debt

Ensure Code Review Healthiness

Promote Collaboration and Engagement

Ship Good Quality Code Fast

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